Cenza (chen-za) is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer from Red Bank, NJ.


Cenza released her first single, "City Lights," in April 2020, and has already been heard on IMP Radio (WIMP), National Indie Radio (WNIR), and more. HerSong describes her premiere single as "an anthem for living life to the fullest," having "a vibrant musical landscape that captures the essence of youth" with "a truly mesmerizing vocal performance and radio ready production." 

On July 31, she released her second single, "Thriving" to even more acclaim. Featured in Aesthetic Magazine,  Mixx Magazine, Music Crowns, Skope Magazine,  Switch Bitch Magazine, and more, the track was deemed  as  "radio ready,"  "a recipe for success," and  possessive of "a modern and enticing alt. pop sound" and a "bad ass pop production" by Indie Spoonful. Her Song said the track "lived up to its title."  She was praised for “owning her weaknesses, but never diminishing her worth.” “Thriving" was praised as "an example of her creative genius, artistic musicality, and ability to inspire.”


Cenza is known for her voice that is "electrifying, smooth, and radiant" and "strong and crystal clear, in tone and meaning" with "a very wide vocal range hitting impressive high notes that float carefree above the mix." Xxtrawave describes her songwriting as "superb" and "very impressive," while Her Song calls Cenza  "truly an exciting artist who doesn’t shy from expressing herself" and an artist who "empowers your soul."


Alias of critically acclaimed actress Emily Keefe.

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